Meet The Team At RevoLusion Consultants, Inc.

It all comes down to the team, and ours is top-notch.

Luis Thompson
Luis Thompson
  • Born and raised in Augusta, GA
  • Son of two immigrant parents from Mexico and Chile
  • Education: Newberry College
  • Major: Business Administration
  • Played 4 years of soccer at the collegiate level
  • Creating Revolusion Consultants has helped me develop other people and coach them just as I have in sports my whole life
  • I like to see others grow both personally and professionally
  • Fun Fact: I recorded and produced music for artists in College out of my dorm room
Cierra Caulder
Cierra Caulder
  • Born in Saudi Arabia, raised in North Carolina
  • Education: UNCW
  • Major: Spanish & Sociology
  • Played softball and volleyball growing up and has a competitive spirit to always get better
  • "RevoLusion Consultants has helped me put my passion for teaching and helping others into real-world application"
  • Fun Fact: I taught English overseas in Spain for a year
Carlos Marquez
Carlos Marquez
  • Carlos Marquez was born and raised by the beach in Venezuela.
  • Carlos moved to the US as a professional Baseball player; he spent 8 years playing pro-ball in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and here in the states before he started studying at the University of Florida.
  • While in school his love for travel took him abroad again when he did an internship in Vietnam.
  • After coming back to the US to stay (for now) graduated and found his career at RevoLusion Consultants.
  • Now, Carlos has his eyes set on opening his own branch in Miami and retiring his family!
  • Fun Fact: Carlos is ambidextrous - maybe that's why he was so good at baseball!
John Iglesias
John Iglesias
  • John is graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Antioch University South US with a Master's in management and Leadership.
  • When he is not hard at work John loves to go backpacking and has crossed the Olympic Peninsula twice with his family.
  • Johns' goals are to open his own office on the West Coast and use it as a place to help people build up their own business's. He finds joy in helping others hit their goals.
  • He believes humility and always having a student mentality are the essential to achieving the highest levels of success.
  • In the past, John also ran a non-profit food support company for 3 years, where they helped children in need.
Jason Parrish
Jason Parrish
  • Jason is a graduate of the Ohio State University.
  • His goal as a professional is to continue to improve every day and always get better until he reaches the point where he is ready to be a business owner and enter the market on his own.
  • Fun Fact about Jason, there are two of him!.. He's a twin.
Noah Plevak
Noah Plevak
  • Noah is Navy Veteran and graduate from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.
  • During his time as a student, he was a member of the Physics Club where he did demonstrations for Highschool and Middle School students to teach them about science.
  • Outside of science Noah enjoys spending time on the beach with friends and family, and surfing; these are the things he is most passionate about.
  • Noah loves to travel and his favorite places to visit are both Iceland and Norway, but the best meal he ever had was Czech noodles and bratwurst.
  • Professionally, his goal is to be promoted to Management; more long term he would like to become a Regional Consultant and start investing into real estate and other businesses.
  • He believes the most important skills to creating success are people skills, listening, and learning how to take control!
  • Fun fact about Noah, he is the tallest person in a family where everyone, except his mother, are over 6 feet
Olivia Carmichael
Olivia Carmichael
  • Olivia was born in Virginia and graduated from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania where she dual majored in early childhood education and special education.
  • Olivia was a competitive horseback rider and uses that self-competition mentality to always strive to be better than the day before.
  • In her spare time, Olivia enjoys to read, spend time at the beach, and live music.
  • Her goal is to open another office in Jacksonville and continue helping people and changing lives by providing a guiding light through challenging financial times.
  • Fun Fact: Olivia is a published children’s book author!