Meet The Team

Recruitment Opportunities

Luis Thompson

  • Born and raised in Augusta, GA
  • Son of two immigrant parents from Mexico and Chile
  • Education: Newberry College
  • Major: Business Administration
  • Played 4 years of soccer at the collegiate level
  • Creating Revolusion Consultants has helped me develop other people and coach them just as I have in sports my whole life
  • I like to see others grow both personally and professionally
  • Fun Fact: I recorded and produced music for artists in College out of my dorm room

Cierra Caulder

  • Born in Saudi Arabia, raised in North Carolina
  • Education: UNCW
  • Major: Spanish & Sociology
  • Played softball and volleyball growing up and has a competitive spirit to always get better
  • "RevoLusion Consultants has helped me put my passion for teaching and helping others into real-world application"
  • Fun Fact: I taught English overseas in Spain for a year
Direct Sales
John Iglesias

John Iglesias

  • My name is John Iglesias.
  • I have a BA in Political Science from the University of Florida and a master's in Management and Leadership from Antioch University Seattle.
  • Professionally I want to open an office on the West Coast.
  • My goal is to help hires build their own businesses and achieve their goals, and to keep working every day joyfully.
  • My biggest accomplishment has been running a non-profit Food Support company for three years feeding children in need.
  • RevoLusion Consultants has taught that humility and always maintain a student mentality are essential to achieve the highest level of success.
  • I also love backpacking;
  • I have crossed the Olympic Peninsula twice

Mark A. Wingfield

  • My name is Mark A. Wingfield.
  • I studied at Southern Connecticut State University.
  • My short-term goals are to develop universal leadership skills and create a team culture.
  • Long-term, I want to be able to provide for my immediate family and retire early.
  • Professionally, I want to Impact others around me and develop a successful environment to give others the same opportunity I was given.
  • My biggest accomplishments have been running a successful food truck in St. Thomas and graduating from university.
  • The most important things I have learned from RevoLusion Consultants have been the communication skills that I have developed. I have learned different coaching styles and have grown more self-aware of my impact on others around me.
  • One time while I was working the taproom in a brewery, I had a regular mug club member named John Carpenter; he was the guy who called his dad on Who Wants to be a Millionaire just to tell him that he was about to win a million dollars.
Mark A. Wingfield