Meet The Team

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Luis Thompson

  • Born and raised in Augusta, GA
  • Son of two immigrant parents from Mexico and Chile
  • Education: Newberry College
  • Major: Business Administration
  • Played 4 years of soccer at the collegiate level
  • Creating Revolusion Consultants has helped me develop other people and coach them just as I have in sports my whole life
  • I like to see others grow both personally and professionally
  • Fun Fact: I recorded and produced music for artists in College out of my dorm room

Cierra Caulder

  • Born in Saudi Arabia, raised in North Carolina
  • Education: UNCW
  • Major: Spanish & Sociology
  • Played softball and volleyball growing up and has a competitive spirit to always get better
  • "Revolusion Consultants has helped me put my passion of teaching and helping others into real world application"
  • Fun Fact: I taught Spanish overseas in Spain for a year
Direct Sales
Business Development

Lonnie Lewis

  • From Jacksonville, Florida
  • Hobbies include art, flag football, and martial arts
  • I have learned how to budget better, set goals, communicate on a higher level, run a business, train, coach, mentor and develop others
  • Goals: get to the management level with Revolusion Consultants, open my own Rec Center that will offer sports, free mentoring, tutoring and training for kids and young adults so they can hit their future goals.
  • Fun Fact: I love classic muscle cars

Rafael Montabes

  • Born in Madrid, Spain
  • Always loved to travel and get to know other cultures
  • Spending time with family, friends and loved ones makes me happy
  • Since I was a kid I have played every sport that I could but always loved soccer
  • Revolusion Consultants has taught me how important it is to be positive and having a good attitude, it makes you happier and much more successful.
  • Goal in Life: Be successful and always around my loved ones
  • Fun Fact: I was an All-Conference athlete, three years in a row in College
Leadership Development